Brief history of YCC

1925(Taisho 14) Toshiyasu Kato founded a company (beginning status of Yamaju Ceramics) as porcelain exporting company in Seto-city.
1935(Taisho 10) At Owariasahi-City, Toshiyasu Kato established new factory of porcelain which had integrated porcelain production line and expanded the business area toward southeast Asia
1938(Showa 13) Toshiyasu Kato re-organized the company (old stats of Yamaju Ceramics) to be a limited partnership
1942(Showa 17) Produced Acid-resistance bottles as an appointed factory by Japanese Army government for the demand of World War 2 (Pacific Theater).
1948(Showa 23) Re-started the production of Porcelain & Pottery for consumer market as commercial trading was allowed to resume.
1952(Showa 27) Getting a head start on Porcelain & Pottery market as introducing the "Heavy oil fired tunnel kiln".
1958(Showa 33) Shifting the most production into "Semi-Porcelain-Pottery" dinner set.
Main sales area changed to U.S.A. Canada, and Australia.
1967(Showa 42) The founder Toshiyasu Kato passed away in hurry. Hisao Kato was inaugurated as the representative of company.
1969(Showa 44) Prepared the mass productive factory of porcelain & pottery by rationalizing lines throughout.
1970(Showa 45) Visited Science & Technical Research Laboratories (NHK STRL) to be advised about new possibilities for innovative business.
1971(Showa 46) Decided to enter the business of oxide single crystal.
1972(Showa 47) R&D activities for YAG single crystal for Laser oscillation under the guidance of Tohoku University.
1973(Showa 48) Incorporated to be "Yamaju Ceramics Co., Ltd" (in the capital amount JPY 10,0000,000).
Hisao Kato inaugurated as the President.
1974(Showa 49) Single crystal laboratory was moved to Seto city. Then, operation started as Crystal division Seto factory. Merger with Limited Partnership "Yamaju Shouten".
1976(Showa 51) Mass production of Lithium Niobate single crystal wafers for IF filters of TV & VTR had started.
1982(Showa 57) Mass production of Lithium Tantalate single crystal wafers for IF filters of TV & VTR had started.
1983(Showa 58) Made big investment into Seto Factory for capacity increase
1985(Showa 60) SBIC (Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation) participated capital investment to Yamaju Ceramics.
1987(Showa 62) Invested to porcelain & pottery production for effective rationalization against Plaza Accord.
1988(Showa 63) R&D activities for "doped single crystals*" started as new project.
* Adding the other elements into Lithium Niobate for further possibilities of various applications.
1991(Heisei 3) Due to serious arise of Yen currency, we were forced to retire from porcelain dinner ware export production.
1998(Heisei 10) Expanded the production facilities significantly due to rapid demand of Lithium Tantalate for radio frequency filter of mobile phone.
1999(Heisei 11) Michiya Kato inaugurated as the President.
2000(Heisei 12) Increased floor space of Seto factory.
2003(Heisei 15) Acquired ISO9001.
2006(Heisei 18) Acquired ISO14001.
Commercialization of Black-Yellow-LT for SAW filters
2008(Heisei 20) Take a patent for Black-Yellow-LT
2010(Heisei 22) Developed Single Crystal (Sapphire) for LED, SOS, Base substrate for high precision hybrid wafer applications.
2011(Heisei 23) Ietaka Sahashi inaugurated as the President.
2012(Heisei 24) Centrair R&D Center and Factory was built in Tokoname-City.
Began full-scale mass production of large diameter 6 inch LT single crystal
2015(Heisei 27) Expanded Centrair R&D plant and Set factory, and production facilities had installed significantly.