Products and applications,
core technologies


Oxide Single Crystals and wafers

  • LiNbO3(Lithium Niobate; LN)
  • Black-LN(Conductive type LN)
  • Optical grade Lithium Niobate
  • MgO:LN(Magnesium Oxide doped LN)
  • ZnO:LN(Zinc Oxide doped LN)
  • LiTaO3(Lithium Tantalate; LT)
  • Black-LT(Conductive type LT)
  • Black-Yellow-LT(New and original type conductive LT)
  • Optical grade Lithium Tantalate
  • MgO:LT(Magnesium Oxide doped LT)
  • Al2O3 Single Crystal(Sapphire)


Surface Acoustic Wafer(SAW)devices

  • Mobile communication(mobile phone & smart phone), Digital TV tuners, GPS, ETC Gate(passive), Automotive components(keyless entry & tire pressure sensor), Satellite broadcasting

Optical and OPT electronics

  • Low pass filters of Digital Camera in high end models
  • Holographic components for DVD pick up
  • Optical communications; optical switches and modulators
  • Light application gyroscope sensor
  • Laser wavelength converter, generating Blue and Green lasers
    By using SHG techniques (Displays, Medical, and Environmental purposes)


  • Pyroelectric infrared sensor
  • Strain sensor
  • Biosensor
  • FBG sensor
  • High performance gyroscope sensor


  • LED
  • SOS(Silicon On Sapphire)
  • Base substrate for high precision hybrid wafer
  • Special window material (Heat resistant, Chemical resistant, Pressure resistant)


High-performance oxide ferroelectric single crystal manufacturing

  • Sophisticated and experienced crystal growing technology for high-quality LN and LT Over 30 years accumulated knowledge and techniques.
  • Doped single crystals" techniques as pursuing further highly efficient single crystal to achieve great and special characteristics & properties
    →for any Electronics (Optical applications, SAW devises, Sensors)
  • De-oxidation technology for achieving "Black-LT(Conductive type LT)
  • Higher flatness & parallelism wafer polishing and processing approaches

High temperature melt oxide Single crystal growth techniques

  • Technologies of growing Al2O3 Single Crystal(Sapphire)for LED, SOS , Base substrate for high precision hybrid wafer applications